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Most Recent USPS/ SMC Chat on Products & Pricing

Written by: Donna Hanbery, Executive Director | Saturation Mailers Coalition

May 2016

Dear SMC Members:

Last week I was in Washington for several days of meetings that included opportunities to talk with Postal Service representatives about “their thoughts” on products and pricing changes that might occur with the 2017 rate adjustment.  Here is a brief recap of take aways from my conversations of last week and other postal happenings.

Changes in Standard Mail Rate Design

The USPS is still “noodling” over potential chances in the Standard Mail piece/pound rate design.  I have stressed to the USPS that any change in the rate design that could result in a higher than CPI adjusted rate in 2017 for pieces 3.3 ounces or less, any requirement for mailers weighing heavier pieces to pay for more weight than they are sending/using, or reductions in the drop ship discounts our members earn for bringing their mail to the DDU or SCF, could have a very negative impact on shared mail programs and free papers.  I believe the Postal Service is listening.

In my most recent communication with Postal Service representatives on product and pricing I was told the following:


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