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Easy Money Discount from USPS

EASY MONEY - 2% Discount available for publications distributed via the USPS


FCPNY and PaperChain continue working for you!


IF you distribute your publication by mail you have the opportunity to save 2% of your total mail cost from July 1st to December 31st. We have provided all of the information you need to take advantage of this savings in the attached document. We have even provided an ad layout promoting the AFCP travel affiliate that has been pre-approved for this promotion. You may use this ad or another ad of your choice.

Please read the attached program description thoroughly and follow the instructions included (CLICK HERE).

Survey Says...


In a survey following last year's USPS Mail Drives Mobile Promotion

25 members responded out of whom 14 participated in the USPS promotion.

The 14 participating members saved a combined total

of $43,470; an average of $3,150 per paper.

19 of the 25 participants said they

would participate in 2016.

Happy Savings !!




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