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AdSense Makes Sense

May, 2017

Dear FCPNY member:


As you know, AdNetworkNY classified ads are the association’s largest source of revenue and also fund the member benefits our FCPNY publishers enjoy. As our classified advertising market declines we consistently seek new alternative revenue sources to replace those lost classified dollars. This communication is an introduction to a new program that will do just that.

Effective immediately, FCPNY is launching a Google AdSense Network. We are asking our member publications to set aside one unsold display ad space on your website and designate it for this program, much like the way you set aside space in your print publications to run the AdNetworkNY classified ads. Our project consultant, fellow weekly publisher Joe Mathes, will fill the donated space with ads from the AdSense Network and FCPNY will benefit from the revenue from that one spot on your publication website.

The Board of Directors approved this program enthusiastically. They also agreed to begin the new website advertising network by placing the AdSense code on all board member sites in order to perfect the system before rolling it out to the full FCPNY membership.

The FCPNY AdSense Network will help your association continue to provide member benefits like: CVC audits and readership studies, AdMall sales and research tools, conferences, Leadership Summits, online training with Tom Cuskey, imPRESSions newsletter, human resources support and more. Your participation is vital and urgent!

We will provide you with an FCPNY AdSense Network code for your website at the following site Please place this individualized code on your website as soon as possible. This code is for a responsive ad – VARIABLE SIZE (one size fits all).  Responsive ad units allow you to support a wide range of devices (i.e., computers, phones, tablets, etc.) by automatically adapting their size to fit your page layout. Regardless of which device users choose to visit your site, responsive ad units can help you provide a great ad experience.

Other ad sizes are available upon request. We have carefully filtered out ads pertaining to dating, chat, gambling, alcohol, tobacco and other potentially offensive categories.

If the process I have described sounds like Greek to you and you are not tech savvy, not to worry; your IT person or website vendor should be able to place it on your site with relative ease. If you do not have a tech saavy person on your staff, or at your disposal, FCPNY can also help you. If you have any technical questions or need assistance in placing the code, contact Dan at 877-275-2726 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank you again in advance for your participation, your timely placement of the FCPNY AdSense code on a premium position of your website is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in placing more than one ad on your website we can help you do so and each additional ad will be paid directly to you in full.


Dan Holmes

Executive Director – FCPNY




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